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Originated in Denmark, Lego Serious Play (LSP) helps develop creative thinking and problem solving skills. Its teambuilding technique will attract participation and commitment from every participants, enhancing their inter personnel and inter coordination abilities, and improving understanding of each others’ work and responsibilities which will help them improve their individual and team performance in the actual organizational environment. This course is suitable for all levels from the top management until the lower level personnel. LSP will be able to transform the organization as a whole as it will help the decision makers to see their business entity through a 6 dimensions view of the strength and weaknesses off an individuals and their ability to work in a team.


An innovative, experiential process designed to enhance innovation and business performance It is a language, communication tools and problem solving methodology A fast track to the real issues and make more better and faster decision Creates the perfect storm by engaging the brain, bodies and emotions of participants Reveal more impactful insights, improve decision making, find hidden opportunities, stimulate entrepreneurship, improve leadership and resolve conflicts

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